Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wisdom for Wellness

A couple quick pointers on living well.

It's not complicated, but the trade off is you have to go deep and master these to really make them work for you.

Less to focus on, more to focus IN.


Purpose. Know why you are here, and why you are doing what you are doing. If you don't know this, then your purpose is to find your purpose for doing as you do.

+ Social support. Positive people, just there presence even is not only requisite for healing, but down right necessary for doing well, and living healthfully.

Carefully chose core values: Not everything or everyone you hold in your heart is the best for you. Not every thought you've had is original. You've received your beliefs form somewhere...maybe they were handed to you through your culture, passed on to you by your parents, absorbed slowly by your friends and extended family, or inundated through work, military or school.

The key is to be 100% honest, decide what YOU WANT TO LIVE FOR, and then choose those things in order. Then, day/day, step/step, making decision from those values will gradually create that kind of life. Waiting for things to pan out the other way around is a road to frustration.

Consciousness of time value. This goes well beyond "what are you worth per hour" in a business sense, but the literal value of your time upon this earth. There is a limit to it, as is your energy and seasons in which you have to live out your potential wisely. Little by little, start taking back the time wasted in your days, and put them into something more productive.

-->Even high achievers can find time and energy to take to the next level. There's almost always more/better ways to do the same routine things. I'm not talking about running around like a crazy person, but I am talking about maximize what you have without haste or delay.

Discipline. Without discipline, you don't get very far. Discipline is required to replace and develop habits, which in turn automate your lifestyle and results.

Motivation: Without motivation, you aren't very likely to sustain disciplines. The irony is, you'll have to develop the discipline of being motivated. Regularly check in with your source of highest Inspiration. For me, this is time with God, reading scripture and/or listening to worthy personal development videos and taking notes...and then working out to 80's movie soundtracks.

Shalom: Without abundant peace and internal security, there is no way you'll have the richness of soil in which you can apply your purpose to worthwhile activity. You'll run out of steam and act in vain, tearing yourself apart and letting others down in the process.

Peace, man. Peace.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gratitude and Graciousness: Requisite To Wellness

Hello earthling,

Quick thought for the day: Gratitude is REQUISITE for doing well. You've heard 1000x as to how an 'attitude of gratidude' is among the best you can cultivate. True, how true.

BUT, did you realized, that it's not something to hold off at an intellectual-arms length, but it is actually necessary in order to do well?

True gratitude is expressed in CHOOSING to maximize what you already have. That's it.

We all have things we'd like to change. All of us.

BUT, consider what you do have. You've already got a lot to work with, and the good news is this: If you go all in, you'll see progress - even if your 'all is small'.

Health, finances, relationships, abilities  - whatever.

If you don't maximize what you have...what ARE you going to do to change your situation? Hang out until you die?

Be smart about this maximizing's not a hyped-up lurch towards a mountain top. It's maximizing the living PROCESS, in order to habitual becoming the person you ought to be. 1 step, 1 day at a time.

God's Grace empowers us and renews us, so that we can focus and keep at it. There's nothing to fear.

Just go....

And BE grateful - a grateful type of person.

Be strong, and design a life your Heavenly Father would be proud of.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Fear of Commitment?

Fellow Citizen of Earth,

For the 'get r' done' types: Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): You receive the ability once you make the leap. Sometimes, you get the jet pack once you jump off the bridge, so to speak.
Have you ever taken stock of your life, even briefly, and thought "I need to do something"

And that thought, was immediately followed "Yea, but.....guaaaaaaa"

Here's the deal: You need structure. You need guidance. You need motivation. You need rules, and you need social and financial support.

Without these, usually nothing changes.

Without a rubric and rules, there's nothing to excel against.

Without a team of peers, your going it alone, and MUCH more likely to rationalize decisions that will open the door to later admitting defeat.

You'll probably have to ease into it. I'm currently in the midst (week one, actually) of Eight Weeks To Wellness. I was terrified 3 and 4 weeks ago. I've gradually processed those hang-ups, and started introducing myself to the practices before the official start date, and read and re-read the manual.

Check it out:

It's actually going too easy, as of now. May God grant me the grace to continue at the level of excellence with ease. I've had a LOT of support, and I've given myself the time and the 'permission' to lock down and focus.

Distraction comes all too easy...way too easy. The prudent aim at wise action, but fools tear off in a multitude of directions.

The world has no preference for mediocrity.

SOMEBODY has to show that it's possible to live extremely well. It doesn't happen all at once, but with the right inspiration and hope, you can continue for a long time, at an INTELLIGENTLY high rate.

Running the engine into the red doesn't work, by the way.

So, you need a plan, that is based on intelligent design in accordance with how things work.

Things like: Habitually getting enough sleep, starting your day with exercise, prayer, meditation, reading, journaling, working in focused blocks of time, and scheduling your important 'meetings' that you just have to show up to.

Do the things that smart people have written about for a long time,


Dig into the depths of your being, and rebuke the laziness and fear that chokes off your life progress!

Then, make the leap. Have the plan in place, have the support, get prepared, stock up on the necessary items, and go.

Just go. Commit to it - and THEN, you'll typically get a super-charge of energy and grace to help the process flow.

There you go. No need to fear commitment; just commit intelligently, so you can go to the next level.

"Push to your limits, and you limits expand" - Robin Sharma

Take care,