Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Plantar Fasciitis With Older Women

Hello one and all,

It's been a whirlwind last few months. I've recently started a new adventure called "8 Weeks to Wellness", and am serving as the wellness/fitness coach with a team of other health professionals at the best chiropractic clinic in the Madison area (my humble opinion):


The goal of this program is to help people think better, move better, and eat better through chiropractic care and rehab therapies, fitness coaching, nutritional consultation, massage therapy, and meditation/prayer.

Therein, I have come across a certain issue that is way more common that I had anticipated...

Plantar fasciitis in older women.

I've come across two cases recently, and it turns out that the individuals walked habitually with their toes pulled upwards, thereby chronically strengthening and tightening the anterior tibia/front of shin, and top of foot region.

Not really typical... and not so obvious to the untrained eye.

Just as well, each person seemed to have a 'stress tick' that went to their feet, whereas many people might tense up their neck/shoulders or clench their teeth.

This in turn throws other body parts off, including the knees, hips and lower back.

Our bodies have connective tissue running throughout, and as with everything, one thing affects everything else.

 Unfortunately, the collective help the each individual recieved was at best, temporary. Podiatrist, massage therapist, yoga instructor - all offered temporary solutions, but none went deeper to address the cause.

The effect is that there is pain and inflammation in each person's feet, and their mobility is limited.

The cause: Chronically moving incorrectly! I'm sure there are other contributing factors, but it's my job to tackle this one.

You just can't walk on your heels and stress out your feet and get away with it. Your body will slap you.

And it did.

A little Yin-flow yoga, good massage and self-myofascial release with "The Stick" and/or a foam roller, and some PNF stretching goes a long way. But ultimately, these people are going to have to learn to walk, stand, and maneuver properly.

Thing is, these two ladies are not so unique in the sense of their chronic condition. As a trainer, I've had to teach people how to walk, run, sit down, stand up, lunge, squat, bend and breathe properly.
-It's not like they teach this stuff in school, and it's more complex and detail oriented to correct bad movement patterns than you'd think

But, once it's second nature, it ain't not thing but a Taco Bell (To quote some random skit from "In Living Color")

To all the readers - remember, every problem has a solution. Your body is amazing, and will heal, build muscle and burn fat up until the day you die...albeit at different rates as you age and change your lifestyle and habits.

In regards to the window of how much time you have left on this earth, it's not unreasonable to take the next year or two to address a chronic condition so you can move and feel better. It's help you think better, too.

The alternative? It gets worse.

Now, go learn how to take care of yourself, your issues- and your tissues

Strength, honor and mobility,


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

THE TWO MOST Important Skills for Relationship Success

From the collective response of 15+ married couples:

1) Communication

2) Conflict Resolution

-If you get these two right, you'll be way ahead of the curve. Go get some training, read some books, watch some videos.

Key point to remember: These are SKILLS. They can be learned, wherever you are in need of developing them.

Relationships determine fully 90% of our success in life, especially your closest 5.

It has been estimated that relational success determines 85% of personal happiness.

These are the top two "NEEDS" based on couples who had been 'at it' for a while, at a retreat I recently facilitated.

Check out these 3 resources to get started. They are the best I know of:

1) http://markgungor.com/

2) https://www.prepinc.com/

3) http://www.familylife.com/events/featured-events/weekend-to-remember?utm_campaign=wtr&utm_medium=website-wtr.com&utm_source=redirect&utm_content=broadcast-response

-All 3 resources listed are 'deep wells' to dive in, so to speak - but getting started will begin a drastic change in your life, personally and professionally.

-Each resource has its own approach for specific situations, but the principles you pick up are universal.

-I don't receive a commission for any of these, should you choose to engage. I just know the programs well enough to recommend them.

To your success,


Best Stress Reducer/Reliever.

This is written to men,

Dudes - check this out. If you do it right, you can blow off some steam in more than one way. If not done right, you'll get ornery, and set yourself up for a potential addiction.

Your stressed? What to do:

1) Talk about it with her. She'll like this whole 'vulnerability' and 'trust' thing as your confidant, and you'll have a chance to get it out in the open, allowing for a more analytical approach.

2) Compliment her on her listening skills - and beauty. Doing/saying positive things takes focus of you, and the doing good for others will lift your/her mood...and she IS helping you out ;)

3) Begin to touch her hair, shoulder, etc...kiss her. Physical touch alone is a stress-reducer

4) Proceed as you naturally would - no rush here, your glad you have this opportunity. Delight in it. Gratitude is some serious attitude medicine.

5) Get physical! The exercise + endorphin rush alone is a killer combo for stress-reduction

6) It takes two to finish well - you know what I mean. Service before self, for those in the military. It's not just about release - its about climbing the peak, together.

7) Cuddle - the oxytocin and physical touch will strengthen your emotional and relational bond, giving you greater strength and resilience, and it will have a calming effect

8) Nap time. Rest, while your mind has a chance to shut-down, energize and get creative.

Following this 'formula', you'll have released stress, strengthened your relationship, increased vulnerability and trust with your mate, and set the tone for a productive sleep - where you'll continue to solve problems with your subconscious.

I thought of this while at my "Individual's Personal Resilience Training" in Denver...this was not one of the modules ;)

Just one guy's opinion - but it seems to make sense and address many different facets of feeling good.

Chime in - it's time for Strength and Honor,


Rocky Mountain High...and how to run efficiently

I'm on a business trip in Colorado right now. I used to live in Colorado Springs, and it's been 4 years since I've visited the state.

Maybe it's the majestic, snow-capped mountains, with hopes of snowboarding at the end of my trip

Or, perhaps the Schizophrenic weather:
"a state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements."
-It snows by morning, and is sunny and clear by afternoon

There are a ton of cool restaurants out there, too.

But maybe, its the new allowance for marijuana to be legally smoked?

Either way, the place gives off a vibe of another world. The city of Denver has a higher energy, the people seem healthier, and there is plenty of opportunity to engage the wilderness in recreational activity.

You see people running and wanting to buy organic food, others making high-level business negotiations, a guy in spandex cranking out a hill-sprint on his bike, and others 'checking out' to do their thing with an intellectually stimulating book, or psychoactive compound of choice.

This brings about some interesting conversation for sure - but one thing that I can't seem to escape from, is people asking me for fitness advice...

It kinda 'comes up'. I guess being a personal trainer and living what I teach has something to do with it - as I certainly am not looking for opportunities to talk about work.

I noticed something though: What I take for granted and teach as 'standard policy' to my clients, has the potential to completely revolutionize someone's world - even someone who is already active and 'healthy'. I don't say that lightly.

One example:

Apparently there is a 'craze' about mid-foot or 'ball of foot' running. I thought that was how humans run most efficiently. But, I guess there are those who insist upon heel-striking, taking huge steps, giving themselves shin-splints, bad knees and lower back problems. Why? Ask them.

If that's you...STOP IT! Use your posterior chain (muscles of the back-side of your body), and PULL yourself across the ground, taking shorter steps, and using your muscles to propel you - not your bones/ligaments to crash-land upon.

Its the only way to run well - in my humble opinion.

Practical tips summary:

1) Take short steps
2) Land mid to ball of foot
3) PULL the ground/treadmill towards you...like a chicken scratching the ground
4) Think "glute-hamstring-calf" in terms of muscle engagement
5) In so doing, propel yourself forward, by pulling backwards - NOT by reaching forward with bigger steps and landing on your heel.
6) Keep your hips relatively forward, your upper back extended, and pretend like a rubber band is around your hips/lower back, pulling you upwards at 45 degrees
7) Breathe through your nose, and out your mouth: This will filter the air going into your lungs, and help you control your breathing.
8) Try exhaling as your left foot lands...it may prevent a type of side-ache caused by the jostling of the liver (which is on the right side of your body)

Have at it  - let me know how it goes,


Eyewitness Fitness: Why Are We Here?

'Three dudes bring their different perspectives, experience, and goals to fitness and lifestyle blogging.  Do they have the chops?'

This is the motivation that began the "Eyewitness Fitness" idea.

The site now continues to inform, inspire, entertain, challenge, reflect upon and share the 'nitty gritty' details of what's happening out in the world - in our own unique way.

The focus is on slicing and dicing through silly stories, real-life conundrums, and novel happenings to get to deeper truth and to pull out lessons for you to creatively apply to your own life.

For the most part, we are down to one author (JG). This blog is still experimental - but there are plans to bring useful products and services which we have found to be of high quality and reasonable pricing...because who wants anything over-priced or sketchy (or both)?

We do the homework - you don't have to sift through nonsense...and maybe we'll earn a small commission :-).

Until next time,


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Love Handles, Volleyball and College Girls

Greetings and Salutations,

I was in the gym, had a few moments between clients, and to pass the time, I went to the 'other side' - yes, the club management office.

As a trainer, I've seen 'bad blood' between the management staff of the club and the personal trainer staff. That isn't really the case at our gym, save for a few individuals.

We were chatting about random things, when this tall, college-aged, somewhat athletic looking girl comes in to ask the manager a question...

A Fitness question.

She promptly looked at me, and said "Trainer...?"

I introduced myself, and got to the root of the issue: LOVE HANDLES! How to rid them?

I asked how bad the problem was - to which she promptly lifted her shirt and turned around.

(That, I wasn't expecting. I was anticipating some sort of explanation of the situation, maybe a reference to a 'muffin top' or something)

She wasn't doing nearly as bad as she thought, but, to humor the young gal, I began a Q/A about her nutrition, current exercise, sleep habits, etc.

Her alibi was 'college' for her atrocious eating and abnormal sleep. Eh - it happens. At least she's active (Volleyball practice).

That led into hormones, fat disposition/burning, and insulin sensitivity....

To which she replied:

'So....there's no exercise I can do to get rid of them?'

"No, there is no magic pill" ( I didn't say that, but I probably could have)

No, for the most part, you can't 'spot-reduce' fat. ALTHOUGH

You can keep the area active, which I believe encourages fatty acid mobilization

AND, you can do intense intervals on a bike after strength training, which was shown in an Australian study a while back to encourage fat burning from the mid-section (For whatever reason).

I wasn't rambling - but she walked away, looking somewhat disappointed. I reminded her we are always available for questions and help.

The good news? One more college-athlete pre-disposed to beauty concerns and subsequently the lies that float around out there, I believe was slightly more educated, albeit disappointed as well.

The Truth hurts  - but it also sets you free.
Some days later, I saw her going through a fitness assessment with another trainer. YES! Even though she didn't buy training, I KNOW she came away more informed and better able to address her own fitness.

To me, that is a victory. Changing the world - one person at a time, a little bit at a time, one thought at a time.

Strength and Honor,


1/2 Ton Man dies


The world's second fattest man died recently. Its sad to hear about any death - but come on? 1/2 ton???

(I posted this because it was a draft from 6 years ago, having never experienced the 'publish' button.)

If you find yourself getting off track - to the tune of adding 1/4 to even 1/2 ton of weight to your body...DO SOMETHING VERY DRASTIC TO GET BACK IN SHAPE.

Better yet, don't wait that long. Two weeks is plenty. Same advice applies. It's probably a spiritual-mental-emotional issue that is threatening your physical state of health. Address it fast, or it will manifest into poor health, and probably reduced quality of finances and relationships as well.

That is all,


After 5 years, He Returns to Give Eyewitness to Fitness

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Saving much ado, I simply show you this video to explain the absence and radio silence:


Having found the distant remains of my home world, here I have returned :)

It's funny, how you come a long way to find, what you've really left behind.

My apologies at last, but we all got distracted with other endeavors...college graduation, marriage, kids, business start ups, new career shifts, and all the rest.

Thought for the day:

Train hard, say your prayers, eat your vitamins, stay positive, and fear no one- no person, no beast, no situation and no evil.
-Compliments of Hulk Hogan