Thursday, October 16, 2008

Testosterone, Man Boobs...Turmeric?

So there I was - minding my own business, doing my pullup/deadlift/swissball rollout tri-set at the gym when I over heard a conversation between two guys that went something like this:

"Hey man - good to see you here again...whatcha doin' today?"
"bench. I gotta get rid of my man boobs"
"haha...yea you do"

I love brutal honesty.

According to Sylvester Stallone in Sly Moves, doing flat bench adds too much mass to your pectoral region without the shape needed and often desired, enouraging a sagging nature, especially as you get older.

That guy in the gym was on the right track. I would have recommended trimming some fat with proper nutrition, total body strength training and interval style cardio first...and then working on sculpting.

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Anyway, the reason I'm talking about man boobs today, is I came across an article published in The Journal of Applied Bio medicine (it was aimed at obesity related testicular disorders, lack of testosterone production being one of them), when summed up basically says this:

There are active compounds in the herb turmeric and green tea which prevent many forms of degenerative illness (green tea is no surprise...), BUT - they did this even in the presence of INTENTIONAL degradation (IE, massive over eating).

Even more interesting, it was noted that turmeric in particular, has possible testosterone promoting potential (see: many boobs go bye bye), when taken in significant doses for prolonged periods of time (the prescription for almost any herb to work effectively).

One more tool in the arsenal? Could be...I guess it doesn't hurt to add some curry to your broiled lamb chops, and wash it down with a cup of green tea after your multi-angle chest workout and interval session

Speaking of testosterone, if you wanna see Dave Whitley ( do a Turkish get-up with a woman (albeit, small) in one hand, go to my friend Angela Ramos' site here:

Strength and Honor,


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Harry Larry Strikes Back

"We condemn in others that which we fear most in ourselves"

"When you have a strong emotional reaction to something; pause and ask yourself "why"? Most of the time, the first, logical answer has nothing to do with the real reason"

*keep these quotes in mind as you read*

So I saw Harry Larry again - similar scenario in the library, him talking and hard to ignore. It made me think about why I mentally 'flipped out' at this guy the other day (besides him sitting next to me and yappin' on his phone in a studying sanctuary).

I think I saw a little bit of myself in him...and didn't like it.

It was not so long ago - I was relatively computer illiterate and disillusioned into thinking I had a lot to do because of it (source of undo stress which doesn't allow you to focus on anything else important).

- Out of shape (I was fat, actually), tired of grinding out the hours in the gym (the only way I'd see results).

-Shy, unsure and nervous around women - I couldn't walk across a cafeteria to talk to a girl at a point in time.

I wondered if he was content in his current "situation". If he is, he's better off than I. In my constant pursuit to be 'better than ever', I have grown impatient with myself, and saw a reminder of what I have tried to leave behind (and perhaps seems to be sneaking up on me?)- but subconsciously comparing myself to him didn't do either of us any good.

Its so easy to criticize others, when often times, the problem is within ourselves.

"When your emotions run strong, its easy to react. Take the thought and time to respond effectively instead" - TC Cummings

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