Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Value of Having a Routine

Quick one today...

What is the value of having a routine?

Being the creative dude that I am, I'm tempted to loathe any such idea with the passion of 1,000 suns - monotony? routine? what?

If you've been in any sort of personal development circles, you've probably heard the concept of disciplined high activity: Taking your strong emotions attached to brilliant ideas, and turning them into a scheduled part of your day through activity.

Your routine: "the things you are so efficient at doing, you can do them on autopilot". So...why not make educational reading, spiritual time, exercise and relaxation a part of your routine?

Its easy to do, it just takes a little discipline. But that also means its easy not to do.

In 365 days, you'll notice the difference, whether you did or you didn't, set up the disciplines.

To do, or not to do...that's the question.

Whats your answer?

Strength and Honor,


Monday, November 24, 2008

Fat people take the stairs...

I had sort of an "ah ha" moment today.

I was heading for the stairs, feeling almost out of obligation, as one of my class mates ran for the elevator. I wouldn't classify him as athletic necessarily, but certainly lean.

Walking up the stairs, mentally exhausted and physically sore, thinking I should have taken the elevator (6 floors), I was passing fat person after fat person, weaving left and right, and in doing so, I thought "why am I doing this?".

Maybe...I just thought I was supposed to or it was just habit?

Maybe... I like working on my glutes in between classes?

I think there is an important question going on here: Is activity (like walking the stairs, or parking an extra 30ft away) causing people who struggle with their weight to rationalize their current lifestyle?

Do people expel energy in the wrong areas, thinking that taking stairs and then being tired justifies eating more to 'recover'?

Are people focusing on the symptom (eating more than expending) and trying to treat that (by doing things the 'hard way'), rather than re-creating a healthy lifestyle from the ground up, which includes doing things the best way, like making a point to include intense exercise, healthy eating, productive use of time, etc?

Food for thought - and I'm hungry

...Discuss and comment!


Friday, November 21, 2008


It's been a long time since the last post...I won't say I've been too busy, I'll just say I got distracted.

I'm back with a VENGEANCE...here we go!

I was prepping for a coaching call this morning, reviewing email, and I came across this cool resource:

The 'evil' tactics of large companies to make you buy more of their product has now been harnessed for GOOD use, and good use especially for YOU. Check it out, its called subliminal body-sculpting:


Its a good idea to surround yourself with things you want to be, you've probably heard of creating a visualization board, writing your goals down, etc.

This is a 'done-for-you' way to get to where you need and want to be, especially if you've struggled in the past.

Click Here!

Strength and Honor,


P.S. There is a 100% money back guarantee, and Chris is good for it - So if it isn't 100% worth your purchase and more - no harm, no foul - your out NOTHING and get to keep EVERYTHING.

P.P.S. Here's the link again: http://jrgillis.sublim05.hop.clickbank.net/

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Testosterone, Man Boobs...Turmeric?

So there I was - minding my own business, doing my pullup/deadlift/swissball rollout tri-set at the gym when I over heard a conversation between two guys that went something like this:

"Hey man - good to see you here again...whatcha doin' today?"
"bench. I gotta get rid of my man boobs"
"haha...yea you do"

I love brutal honesty.

According to Sylvester Stallone in Sly Moves, doing flat bench adds too much mass to your pectoral region without the shape needed and often desired, enouraging a sagging nature, especially as you get older.

That guy in the gym was on the right track. I would have recommended trimming some fat with proper nutrition, total body strength training and interval style cardio first...and then working on sculpting.

If your looking for a program (soon to be released as 2.0!) to do just that check this out:

----> Click Here!

Anyway, the reason I'm talking about man boobs today, is I came across an article published in The Journal of Applied Bio medicine (it was aimed at obesity related testicular disorders, lack of testosterone production being one of them), when summed up basically says this:

There are active compounds in the herb turmeric and green tea which prevent many forms of degenerative illness (green tea is no surprise...), BUT - they did this even in the presence of INTENTIONAL degradation (IE, massive over eating).

Even more interesting, it was noted that turmeric in particular, has possible testosterone promoting potential (see: many boobs go bye bye), when taken in significant doses for prolonged periods of time (the prescription for almost any herb to work effectively).

One more tool in the arsenal? Could be...I guess it doesn't hurt to add some curry to your broiled lamb chops, and wash it down with a cup of green tea after your multi-angle chest workout and interval session

Speaking of testosterone, if you wanna see Dave Whitley (IronTamer.com) do a Turkish get-up with a woman (albeit, small) in one hand, go to my friend Angela Ramos' site here:


Strength and Honor,


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Harry Larry Strikes Back

"We condemn in others that which we fear most in ourselves"

"When you have a strong emotional reaction to something; pause and ask yourself "why"? Most of the time, the first, logical answer has nothing to do with the real reason"

*keep these quotes in mind as you read*

So I saw Harry Larry again - similar scenario in the library, him talking and hard to ignore. It made me think about why I mentally 'flipped out' at this guy the other day (besides him sitting next to me and yappin' on his phone in a studying sanctuary).

I think I saw a little bit of myself in him...and didn't like it.

It was not so long ago - I was relatively computer illiterate and disillusioned into thinking I had a lot to do because of it (source of undo stress which doesn't allow you to focus on anything else important).

- Out of shape (I was fat, actually), tired of grinding out the hours in the gym (the only way I'd see results).

-Shy, unsure and nervous around women - I couldn't walk across a cafeteria to talk to a girl at a point in time.

I wondered if he was content in his current "situation". If he is, he's better off than I. In my constant pursuit to be 'better than ever', I have grown impatient with myself, and saw a reminder of what I have tried to leave behind (and perhaps seems to be sneaking up on me?)- but subconsciously comparing myself to him didn't do either of us any good.

Its so easy to criticize others, when often times, the problem is within ourselves.

"When your emotions run strong, its easy to react. Take the thought and time to respond effectively instead" - TC Cummings

If your looking for a cool place to respond, check this out: www.Isweat.com (its free).


Monday, September 29, 2008

Harry Larry

So I'm catching up on some homework in the library...and this hairy fiend (it was actually one of those borderline "is this cool, or just weird?" observations) gallops in and plops next to me.

He's yip yappin' on his phone with this girl who he appears to be in love with, but shes not interested, as he continually tries to accommodate to her 'busy' schedule, then APOLOGIZES repeatedly for calling at such an inconvenient time in her life (no sarcasm detected). It hurt to listen.

He hangs up the phone and begins peckin' away at his keyboard. Literally - the 'stare at the key board and type 7 words per minute 1 finger at a time method'. I thought, "do people still do that?"

A friend of his stops by, says he's goin' to the gym, Harry should come - move the blood. Harry of course responds "naaaww...I got too much to do, this is gonna take me at least another hour".

I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to hit the ground and knock out 50 push ups, call up every girl I know, and then slap his face into the keyboard. I restrained myself, but I did move tables : )

I'm not going to try and stretch this one to a profound fitness tip, method to draw the best out of life, or a killer gaming technique for an in the field dating lesson...


Don't be like Larry. Just don't be like Harry Larry.

Strength and honor,


Friday, September 26, 2008

Flaming Rocket In My Eye

Good ol' chemistry class again - you can never be too cautious. Being just a little casual can spell disaster.

So there I was, morning lab - we were doing an experiment that involved fire: Lighting a candle was all the beginning of the experiment consisted of. The teacher said "no goggles necessary" - no different the lighting a birthday cake, right?

Well, yea. Except this was a freak incident. I was standing 10 feet away, observing the teachers instruction. As the match was lit, the tip broke off, rocketed through the air and into my left eye.


Luckily, I blinked and it hit my eye lid and the area just beneath my eye, sparing my eyeball. If I had better reflexes, maybe I would have dodged it like in The Matrix...

I digress.

So what is my point, exactly? (I'm fine by the way...small blister beneath my eye. Not pretty, but functionally I'm okay).

In all endeavors - it is possible just to be a little too casual. You know, when you don't think about the low hanging light that you walk into, the piece of concrete you stub your toe on, the cop sitting on the side of the road who catches you as you cruise by 15 over, as your too wrapped up in the song on the radio.

If you know the dangers, and choose to ignore them, your just as bad as the person who doesn't know the dangers. An amateur, if you will, instead of being a professional (something we should all be striving to become).

You don't have to be a bad person to have bad things happen to you...just a little careless.

Whether its your health, your business, your relationships, your career and finances - whatever, if its important, its worth the extra bit of caution and attention. The Bible probably illustrates this best with the story of building your house on the sand, versus building on the rock. Sure, there is no present danger, and building on the beach has a good view - why not?

Because, every now and then, there is a storm that comes through. Some storms you might not even see coming. A storm like that, that is strong enough, and you aren't prepared for, could spell disaster.

And then you lose your eye (or house - metaphorically, I think you get the point?)

Take the extra time, get organized and prepare the way in advance - you'll be glad you did. I just had a pretty inexpensive reminder of this important life lesson.

Your squinting fitness comrade,


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chemistry V. Common Sense

So there I was, getting ready for the morning laboratory session of college chemistry - waiting for my "likes to party but won't attempt any sort of recovery method" partner. 

She comes in, droopy eyed and sniffling, saying how "dead" she is, despite having drank 'X" energy drink that is supposed to be an immune booster. I inquired...basically she was drinking sugar water with vitamin C.

So I asked: How much did you sleep last night? - "2 hours". Hmm

What did you eat before and after? - "nothing". Except that monkey crap concoction

How much water have you drank? - "none". Just what was in the coffee at Denny's last night

What was that? you asked me how to get in shape, since your so busy being a college student?

Does anyone see a pattern here?

I'm all for having a good time in your golden years as a college student. Hell, even a bunch of fitness pros stayed up late drinking and socializing before an action packed, information overloaded seminar two days in a row (the one I recently attended - Ryan Lee's Boot camp III).

So what is the difference? I would contend to say fellow fitness minded folks know a thing or two about the body, and how it responds. I would also guess that a certain degree of common sense in regards to stress and recovery are implemented. Its not rocket surgery...

Whatever. The sad truth is, and I've been seeing this more and more: That many people in general, but in my experience especially college aged girls, end up addicted to some form of appetite suppressing stimulant (cigarettes, coffee, energy drinks, prescription drugs, fat burners etc) and let their total health fall by the wayside and then wonder whats happening.

Education isn't the total answer  - you can't tell me they don't know whats good and whats bad. 

As Seinfeld would say "whats the deal?"

I'll end this with an open ended question for anyone to respond to: Why do we do what we do, when we know what we know?

Balancing college shinanigans and a fitness career,


Monday, September 22, 2008

Your best investment

It's pretty hard to avoid the news - especially when there is money involved. Even more so when there is a lot of money evolved. More still, when its our money that appears to be in distress.

Amid the current economic "crisis" and continual plummet of the stock market, many of us are in panic, there are a few that are calm, and the rest of us are curious.

Is THIS an opportunity to capitalize on others misfortune and invest? What are the best investments...how will I be sure...should I take the time and look into it?

I was thinking about this myself - I do have a small sum that I COULD play with - but would it be worth the risk?

I'm not a saavy wall street broker, so I thought "what is the best investment that I can make?".

I continued to ponder, and in doing so, many ideas were spurred for both personal and professional pursuits. Some of them good, some outrageous, some I threw out. Then...


Something that is always worth the investment. Something that, no matter what the economic weather looks like, can produce profit. Something that will carry me into retirement, and allow me to produce and live an extraordinary life along the way...

What, you ask? The only option that can deliver such promises...


Invest in yourself, you'll never go wrong. Get the skills, take the classes, go on the trip, read the book, find the mentor, talk to the person, ask the question, follow the leader, and GET IT ALL.

Don't find yourself saying "I wish I woulda..." Take the time, if its investment in motivated human capital (especially yourself), its worth it.

Only by making ourselves more valuable will we be able to secure our finances, strengthen our relationships, and promise our good health.

This idea seemed so obvious that I think many of us miss it...and then end up trading time for money hoping for a raise to become financially independent.

Don't let it be you. If your waiting to be pulled up the economic ladder, it looks like its easier to climb.

Strength and honor,


Saturday, September 20, 2008

"You get paid for done"

This was the closing sentence of the weekend event I've been posting about - almost everyone left the conference room with a 'glazed-over-I-probably-shouldn't-drive' look.

Mentally exhausted and full of ideas.

How about a little implementation? Its no good to start an idea and tell people "I'm doing it.." or "I'm working on this and this...".

What do you have?

When someone says "I'm still figuring out where I want to go" - that is probably just more procrastination talking. I'm sure there are exceptions - but here we go: Get it done. Next.

I will interject myself and say there is a point at which I feel this gets taken too far- where you end up with products generated so quickly and with such a bang that they end up sub-standard of your true potential.

Having an effective system in place that allows you to settle, I guess you could say, but in the highest form

For the rest of us out there who can honestly say "yes, moving fast and with purpose is a good idea...I should do it more often"...

-Lets just take the next step, shall we? Some one else already said it better than I could.

"Don't ask what the world needs; ask what makes you come alive, and now, go do that. What the world needs is people who have come alive" - Charles Du Bos



Friday, September 19, 2008

14 hours - still going strong

I'm coming to you live from Stamford, Ct - quite the town. As I mentioned before, I am at a giant mastermind conference and lecture to associate with fellow seekers of "the better life" via fitness industry business excursions.

So far, I've made contacts and friendships I know will last for a long time. It started off with a bang, and followed with each speaker keeping the audience spell bound.

The host, Ryan Lee (www.ryanlee.com), was such an advocate of networking, that he allowed the lunch break to go an hour and a half longer than they should have! This may seem unprofessional at first glance, but his reasoning was simple: Everyone was just too into everyone else, making contacts, sharing stories, giving and receiving advice/counsel that the time actually flew by.

Talk about service and flexibility. You have individuals who make 7 figures and whose time is quite valuable, taking every opportunity to talk to everyone they possibly can and establish rapport.

I think there is a 'hands on' lesson to be learned here. We are not selling fitness programs - we are making lives better. Period and point blank.

We would like to hear from you - what would you like to see? What problems are you having? How can the Eyewitness Team help you get what you want?

Let us know, we are truly interested.

Stay tuned for more updates

Your friend,


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Into the wild blue yonder...

Is where I'm headed tomorrow morning.

I'm headed to Stamford, Ct to mastermind with some of the best in the biz - such faces as Ryan Lee, Bill Grasso, Craig Ballentyne and Alwyn Cosgrove will be seen at this gala spectacle.

It could be said that attending this seminar is a "big deal" (to anyone in the fitness industry, really). I basically got my feet wet in the fitness industry by following the advice of those mentioned above, and now I'll be 1-on-1 with the mentors I haven't met yet.

I plan on it being an exciting trip full of ideas and inspiration and possibly joint venture missions in the future - all which I'll bring back here.

Stay tuned


Friday, September 12, 2008

Metallica Fat Loss Plan

Knowing full well Metallica's new album "Death Magnetic" debuts today, I awoke early and in true warrior fashion, sprinted to have the album in my possession.

Back at the apartment making breakfast - the radio DJ is yappin' about how 21% of people who make $100,000+ per year still live pay check to pay check! He wanted those who made less than 6 figures to call in and give their "expertise" to these "fools" blowing their cash out of the toilet.

Some responses were funny, some were serious, some didn't make any sense - as shocking of a statistic that was, barring bad spending habits, I would guess that those living pay check to pay check are simply trading time for money - a fatal error. Time and Energy are your two most valuable resources. Never forget that...better yet, remember it always.

Enter: My personal Metallica Fat Loss Plan. I've been "half-assing" my fitness plan because of other demands, but decided today was going to be the day I take it to another level. I played the new album and began to feel the power that makes the skies rumble and the earth shake.

I know 'St. Anger' didn't go over well - but 'Death Magnetic' resurrects the band in my opinion - and it makes a great workout soundtrack. I had a something close to an epiphany while letting the lyrics and music pierce my adrenaline pumping soul.

That idea will become a business/personal venture - details coming soon.

Get excited about something you've been putting off. How? - that is the only question you need to ask. Its so much easier to accomplish what you want when your emotions are running wild (in a good way). They serve as the high octane fuel that lets you drop a shoulder into the obstacle in front of you and smash it into nanoscropic pixie dust.

If you need help along the way, your friends at Eyewitness Fitness will be there.

Strength and Honor,


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I too, have seen it

Apparently the ad JG mentioned is getting quite a bit of air time. I saw it, laughed, and on Monday I heard people talking about it "around the watercooler." More surprising is my eyewitness fitness friend has seen it. He hardly watches any television...so they're really pushing this thing.

Only thing I have to ad to the earlier post is: pay attention to the mom's explanation of why it's okay. She adds, "in moderation." That part isn't really emphasized. Most people won't pick up on it, which I'm sure is intentional. Saves their butts when little Jimmy ends up diabetic and blind. I don't remember the old school "Milk, it does a body good" commercials telling you to enjoy in moderation. Moderation sure, but what most people don't realize is how much they are getting...it's in almost everything. I avoid it as much as possible, but sometimes I just can't.

At the commercial's little cookout, I'm sure it's in not only the drinks, but the ketchup, the BBQ, the mayo, whatever dessert is....moderation, does that mean in 9 out of 10 things you eat?

Have you seen this CRAP?

As if the makers of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) weren't evil enough for having brought into mainstream America the single most destructive substance to the populations waistline (in my humble opinion), NOW they are touting the goo as HEALTHY! Let me illustrate:

In a recent commercial, someone is eating a Popsicle and says "its all natural...its made from corn...its no worse than table sugar!"

This is followed by the consumption of soda, basically with the same propaganda

-That may all be true, BUT GUESS WHAT? - Last time I checked, table sugar wasn't the best thing to be pumping your veins with. I'll spare you the scientific rant.

Don't be deceived by these companies trying to re-line their pockets amidst the recent surge in health conscience behavior. I know you know better.

Its marketing deceit at its finest - everything they do goes directly against your efforts to stay lean and healthy

Strength and Honor,


Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm getting a divorce...

...from my gut. I was seduced by an evil temptress. I threw away a good relationship with clean eating and regular exercise for the cheap thrills of junk food and laziness. After the honeymoon I realized my mistake, but didn't have the courage to walk out the door.

Enter Eyewitness Fitness.

Joining this site has given me the motive to break it off with my gut. I don't expect it to go quietly, and like most divorces it will be difficult and possibly messy. I'll record the entire process, and post the embarrassing photos of my condition here.

My hope is that you'll realize this isn't just another "cookie cutter" fitness site.


Eyewitness Fitness - Tip of the day

"If it came from a plant; EAT IT, if it was manufactured in a plant, STAY AWAY FROM IT"
-Darin Steen

When was the last time you ate too many vegetables? Simple? Yes. Effective? Of course. Are you doing it...?

Sometimes the simplest of actions, by merely doing them (not unlike launching this site) is enough set your path in the direction it needs to go.

Now start sprinting


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hello World

We're live and ready to go. If you found this site on your own, then you are a true champion. Welcome, and please be patient as we sharpen our skills and prepare to launch something very special in the near future.