Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fear Of Success?

Fellow human,

Pretty much every person I know has done this: You have held back your energies, or hesitated to commit to the bigger goal, the grander vision, the stricter disciplines, and the consistent training.

Why? Is it laziness? Fear? Prudence, even?

Sometimes, its' the fear of success. In your head/heart, it might sound like this:

"I don't think I can do it this well, for that long!"

"Well, If I do this well for them now, they'll expect this level of performance in the future...and I don't know that I have the desire, or the strength to be held to that level"

"Even if I do ok for a bit, my history says I'll mess up in the future...why strive so hard, when I'm bound to fail anyway? Why commit myself, when I'm not so sure I can succeed?"
--->There is a fear of failure as well in this thought.


"If I go to that level, I'll start making a huge impact on my life and the people around me...which is good, but that level of performance is so out of my normal, it's be shameful when I can't keep it up anymore"

"Lets say I do well...and then I don't know how to handle it. Then, the people that benefited from me doing well, are actually worse off, because they were further disenchanted by another 'hero' who was just puffing smoke".

And on. And on.

ALL of these, I'm realizing, are reasons to GO FOR IT! The fact that you are afraid, to either fail, or succeed and then have to live at another level, is proof you want to change. 

Otherwise, you wouldn't be thinking about it. You KNOW something has to give, and you need to do something now - at least start - or this thing will haunt you the rest of your life.

...I mean, Look what it's doing to you now (Thank you Adrian, for your motivational speech to Rocky, in Rocky III).

At least go for it - then: Qin, lose, draw, at least you don't have any excuses.

When you make a solid go at it, at least you find out what your made of. At least you find out what you CAN do. Then, you are better suited to make judgments as to whether to continue, or not, or to simply modify and carry on.

Remember: there is the cost of doing the thing, and then there is the cost of NOT doing the thing.

Sure, sacrifices will be in order. Maybe even a lot of them - for a long time.

But NOT going through that process, is often times far, far worse.

Use your imagination, and consider the cost of NOT eating vegetables for 10 years, and letting your fitness 'slide' because you are getting older, or you  'have to be careful' now.

I'm not advocating for risking legitimate safety concerns. I'm talking about seeing what levels of strength and endurance you can reach.

I'm talking about seeing how you can leverage your talents and skills for the greater good, and receive due reward in the process.

I'm talking about going for what you are built to do - no more, no less.

The thing is, what you are built to do, is usually well beyond your current ability to imagine, Either in scope, or direction. 

That's all for today. But remember: Fear is a perfectly good reason to take intelligent stock, and consider the cost of NOT going for it, and then to get started.

Let's get started, today, and keep going.


Friday, December 18, 2015

Rx: Checklist Mentality?

To the one who likes to 'just get it done',

Sure, 'checking the box' on activities has yielded some benefit - that's why you keep doing it.

However, I've seen way too many times in my training of clients, that attitude, which is designed to make one focused and efficient, actually slows down objective progress.

Here's why: You have a plan, you know what to do, and you just get to it.

What's the problem, right?

It starts becoming about 'getting it done', instead of doing it in the way which will be beneficial. And, you signed up for this activity for a benefit, right? I"ll bet you didn't sign up for the sake of doing it alone... this isn't an ice cream cone or Disney World.

 -->You check the box, and you become hasty, rushed, unfocused, disengaged, less energetic in the process.

Then you realize, you didn't WANT to do it anyway; you just convinced yourself that you HAD to. This makes the problem worse.

Pretty soon, you aren't even doing it! You fell off the wagon...already (or again)!

You convinced yourself that it was unnecessary or not worth it, because it wasn't working or it was too painful.

Which is further exasperated because you weren't taking it seriously, because you wanted to 'just get it done', because you didn't realize how important it was, because you didn't want to do it in the first place.

 It tends to happen slowly,  maybe a few days, to a few weeks; A few months at most without some serious accountability and support.

"This plan" that the trainer gave you isn't working anymore...your body must have "plateaued"

Or, "maybe this is as far as I can go..." Maybe...there is just a certain amount of misery you'll have to deal with...

Or, "I don't think the trainer is a right fit for me. It's too expensive anyway"
Or,  "I don't think he understands how difficult it is for me to eat vegetables and quit smoking". 
Or, one of the worst "I'm just too busy right now to commit to all of this"

And so on, all of which lead to disaster.

 If you want to do well, you'll have to humble yourself, get some help, and make the necessary sacrifices. I'm not talking about unduly harsh treatment here, I'm talking about doing what it takes to live well.

I was at a goal workshop with Eric Therwagner recently. One thing that stuck out to me, as he told his story and shared his ideas on doing well in life, was the example of Helen Keller.

-->She was blind, deaf, mute - but learned to write, and wrote a book (among many other impressive feats)! Come on...I think it's time to throw those old, tired excuses away.

You can stumble along, but don't let bad thinking and a residual tag-team of fear and laziness get the best of you!

You probably need a different approach than what you've ever done. Maybe more, maybe less to start. Maybe more help. A few more tools, tips and techniques. A better reason to commit. A better plan. Better friends. More organization.

All of the above?

 Don't be among the people who relax their grip on reality, and settle into the lull of complacent actions that look nice on paper. 

Don't do it.

It's not worth it. Paraphrasing Jim Rohn: Discipline is heavy and unpleasant - but not nearly as bad as the regret from NOT being disciplined.

Some people think eating organic vegetables and grass-fed meats and fruit is an extreme way to live...but so is permitting cancer, diabetes and heart-disease (most of which is preventable) to get the best of you.

So, in a world of extremes: Who will you side with? I'll be having some vegetables in a moment.

Think on, carry on, press on - and don't ever give up.

You can do it. Probably not as you've tried before, but you CAN do it.


Think & Do: The Way For You

Fellow Humans,

Two things you always have control over, no matter what the circumstance:

Thoughts and Actions.

When chaos abounds, you can at least control what you think, and what you actually do.

Sure, your emotions might run wild, and you'll have to manage that.

Your energy might tank, or go all willy-nilly, or surge - and you'll have to roll with that.

And, the more you focus on things around you (which you can't control), the more powerless you'll feel.

Tragic, isn't it? You, the good willed person are really concerned, and no one seems to care. You stress yourself out wondering how and when others might act.

You don't get it.

But, now you can:

"He who rules over his spirit is greater than he who takes a  city",


"The Pen is mightier than the sword"

-->Question: Where do these words of the pen, which are mightier than the sword, come from?

Your thoughts.

What you choose to immerse yourself in, whom you choose to listen to repeatedly, and what you choose to focus upon, will drive your consciousness in a certain direction.

It's not a perfect track record, but it's certainly a trajectory. We can thank God that not everything  we think, say or do becomes an instant, permanent reality!

The irony is this: When you begin to focus primarily on what you think, and what you actually do (not what you feel like doing), you begin to grow. YOU become a more and more powerful influence upon the earth, and to those around you.

And then what? They take note! They notice the change. They might inquire about, or make fun of you, or keep silent and observe to see how long this change lasts.

But, by making the changes, you give the opportunity for a physical contrast that THEY now have to deal with, which in turn exposes them to the reality that they could change, too.

Some people respond negatively to your good efforts - which says more about them than it does about you.

Some people are positive, but not tangibly supportive. They are a bystander

Some people are encouraging, and will start to walk the path with you. Let them help - progress always happens faster in a like-minded-focused community.

A word on getting started: You can even say "I don't feel like doing this!" and then, just let yourself start doing it anyway, while you still don't want to, and keep at it, little by little. You can complain the whole way if you want - because, sometimes, just verbalizing with honesty what you actually feel, but doing the right thing anyway (or, at least part of the right thing), is a powerful way to get started.

And the key is to start. As it has been said "Starting doesn't guarantee you'll be great, but you can't be great if you don't start"

There is an old proverb that says "Honor God's Commands and grow rich. Ignore The Word and suffer"

--->My take on that: If you are attentive and believing in regards to how things actually work from God's perspective, you'll end up doing things right, which always works, which yields great rewards, tangible AND intangible.

After all, the only shortcut is to do it right the first time; and the good news is this: Doing it right works every time!

Napoleon Hill alluded to, but refused to be explicit, in his classic Think and Grow Rich. By wanting to engage and get started, you are already thinking in the right direction. And, it may seem obvious, but the very next step is to start doing.

You think, and you do, in the same direction, one after another, one with another. That's how you get on the way you've wanted to go.

It's not one or the other - it's both. Keep thinking, keep doing. Keep refining, keep practicing. 

Get the help you need. Get expert advice, soak yourself in good words, get helpers, partners, supporters, invest some cash into a few tools - but get started, and KEEP doing what has been shown to work for others(if you don't know where to start), and keep refining that to get to what works for you, right now.

One more thought, a Japanese Proverb: "Dreaming without action is illusion, action without dreaming is misery"

Here's to getting ready to win - and then winning,


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Achievement: Leveraging Chaos

To the one who sees the value of consistency, yet tends towards extreme ups and downs in life:

You probably don't value the 'boring' world of steady progress, disciplined exercises and the like.

In fact, those words probably make you cringe.

I imagine that you probably feel like  you thrive in the world of chaos, competition, sports and games!

After all, you've gotten a LOT done in the past, when you went "all in, balls to wall, pedal the medal, face to the floor" and gotten after it.

You probably even 'secretly' - even fiercely, compete against others when your doing the same activity, like running on a treadmill, playing golf, or playing Scrabble.

So then, how could mundane discipline be for you?!

 Check this out:


By consistently 'showing up' and giving it your best shot that day in the doing of simple disciplines & exercise, or whatever area you need to improve, you set a 'baseline', by which you'll naturally improve over time.

You can ALSO let your 'roller coaster' energies run wild with achievement, extra activities, and the like. It'll come and go - and that's the point. You'll achieve more in a burst of focus, and then you'll have to 'come down' and dissipate...BUT

As you keep up the 'mundane disciplines', your base foundation keeps getting higher, albeit gradually. 

Then,  BOTH your 'lows' and 'highs' from the roller-coaster part of you, keep getting HIGHER!!

Eventually, your 'lows' are higher than your previous 'highs', from when you started!


In other words, if you accept and embrace BOTH of these ways of living, and use them accordingly, you can actually leverage your own chaotic tendencies to your advantage. 

Imagine that. You, Mr. or Mrs. Spontaneous, creative, perhaps easily distracted - except when focused on a goal - could actually use your tendencies to your advantage, tempered by (but not replaced by) stead diligence.

A word on priorities:

When it comes to health and fitness, I rank these 3 highest, in this order:

1) Sleep
2) Nutrition
3) Exercise

If your 'tank' has holes in it, you won't be able hang on to much of the effort you are 'pouring' into it.

 Hence, why sleep and nutrition are ranked ahead of exercise.

I've violated this rule before, ALWAYS to my demise. I've seen tons of other people do it, too. Some keep doing it, as if finally they'll 'get it'.


You can go without good sleep and nutrition for a season - a short season. Maybe a few days, to a few weeks at most. Then, it catches up with you...

And, with a vengeance. Your motivation is zapped. You become cranky, unfocused, dis-impassioned, unproductive, inefficient, you start packing on weight (or losing way too much)...your body starts to hurt.

Basically, you start to fall apart from the inside.

Not good.

Priorities: You either have them right, or you don't. There's really no 'for now..." when it comes to violating basic rules of effectiveness and happiness - except for those short seasons I mentioned, which STILL require a recovery after the fact.

I have to wrap this one up - but there you have it.

It's not "waves of chaotic achievement" OR "predictable, boring, accomplishment"

It's both. Both, I say!

Leverage your internal resources and live well,


Why Does Space = Growth?

Dear human being with too much stuff,

Space is good. It's okay to leave space in your house, car, schedule and relationships.

In fact, it's better than okay, it's a good idea.

You don't cram as many seeds as possible into a plot of land; you plant seeds in accordance with what you want the harvest to look like!

You plant trees in accordance with how much space they'll need....once they are full grown!

 So too, anything in your schedule that you give effort to, is going to demand more and more of your time and energy, because it wants to thrive!

Thriving is written into every system on this planet. It wants to grow - and if you can't do it, the task will demand someone who can.

Having three jobs is okay for a while...but eventually, you'll need to prune and cut-back so that the BEST endeavor for YOU, can grow even more.

Otherwise, you'll just be stretched thin, wondering what happened to your life.

By the way, you DO want more joy, passion and wealth, right? 

How else does that happen, except by being the best at what you love to do, wisely attending to it, and finding a way to serve others through it?

Yes. Exactly...that's it!

It takes time for this process to unfold; so patience is in order. But again, so is honesty, deliberation, and humility to admit you can't do it all - and neither should you try.

Remember, most people on this planet are fairly miserable, depressed, unhealthy, hate their jobs, and have too much wealth for their level of gratitude...

Which means, if you grow, others can, too! No one will despise you for stepping further into your purpose.

Plus, stepping into your purpose gives those around you 'subconscious permission' to do the same.

Again, you become like whom you associate with. So, if you associate with 'growers', you'll take on the goals and emotions of someone who grows and thrives.

In all this growth - listen to each other's counsel, and step INTO your greatness.

Take it on, full speed: It's why you are here.

Start where you are, with your current endeavors, and win.

Then, do it again.

May you have peace in your day, joy in your heart, and clarity in your mind.

Much love and blessings,


The 6 Essentials To Living Well + A 7th To Consider

"More is not better; better is better"

I first heard that quote from Charles Staley, known as the 'secret weapon' to elite level athletes.

A few thoughts on that statement, which I have recorded as a principle in my own gym:

To live simply, is to live a full life. To live a vain and showy life, is indeed, empty.

LIFE requires that there is space to live, move and breathe.

Margin, if you will.

Life needs space to rest, and space to let other things grow. YOU need space to go over the essentials again and again, until they are fresh and internalized, making it easier for you to do them.

And doing, is key.

And the more you have to do, the less you'll actually get done. Overwhelm sets in, and the propensity towards distraction skyrockets!

There are only a few essentials in life, and doing them well, consistently, beats trying to 'do it all', especially all at once.

I name these essentials as follows:

1) Time with God.
     You become like whom you habitually associate with. Think about that for a second.

2) Time working on yourself. 
     You needs skills to pay the bills, and it's no fun to cut down a tree with a dull axe. Sharpen the saw, as it is said in the Franklin Covey world. Spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially: Grow! Refine! Soak up the good!

3) Time with spouse*
     Not applicable to everyone, but your chief 'partner in crime', with whom you are choosing to build your life with: Keep it Creative, autonomous, inter-dependent, willful, loving and collaboratively blessed.

4) Time with kids*
     If you have a kids in your life, this is a huge blessing and opportunity. One day, they will be grown, and you'll be old. They will have to decide what kind of people they will be - and you, as a 'big one' in their life, have profound influence, for better or worse, to help them determine what the future will be like for both of you.

5) Time attending to the NECESSARY work to fulfill your purpose for being on the planet.
     You were put here for a reason. And, even if takes you the rest of your life to find out what that reason is, you owe it to everyone, including yourself, to find out what that reason is (Thank you, Kevin Costner in "Man of Steel"). Then, attend to it, and grow in it, more and more.

Remember: A promotion in God's economy is not necessarily rising up in the organization; it is increasingly (but not always suddenly) walking in your talents, gifts, passion and dreams, in service to others.

6) Time to rest, recreate, recharge and seize big opportunities.
    If you are always on the go, your batteries run down, life seems miserable and overwhelming, you don't get anything done, and you begin to resent people. This is not a call to laziness, but rather, prudent diligence.

7) Bonus: No matter how well your time is structured, you need energy and focus to follow-through on all the endeavors which you desire to pursue. 

Just as well, fatigue, haste and distraction will taint your best work - which is akin to bruising your best crops before taking them to the marketplace. They just won't sell, and your good efforts are in vain.

There you have it. Living well is pretty simple, but it requires a lot of 'No's' and sacrifice. The sacrifice isn't to do more, it is to do better, and to prevent the cares of this world from robbing your present state of the ability to attend to a grand future.

Strength and Honor: Live well!


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Making Changes: The Law of Displacement

Dear heroic-minded, impatient struggler who tries to do everything at once,

I had a conversation with a client last night that centered around an unfavorable family history, current injuries, health problems across the board, and a certain brother who insists upon trying to change his whole life, all at once, time and time again, to no avail.

In the spirit of Seinfeld: "What's the deeeeaaal?"

Humility, to start. It can be tough admitting that you are not capable of doing everything you know about doing.

Or, your physical capacity hasn't grown into your knowledge - yet.

Others try to restrict themselves severely - basically, a form of asceticism. And, with harsh treatment to their own body, they think they are doing something virtuous!

Severe food restrictions, excessive exercise, unsustainable disciplines, and other practices that have no power to actually change a person on the inside - which is where the problem is.

After all, this kind of blast of energy towards a goal kind of looks like the right thing to do, and maybe even admirable for the willpower demonstrated.

However admirable this approach, it is a mistake.

In the words of Bain from The Dark Knight Rises "You fight like a younger man, with nothing held back. It's admirable...but, Mistaken!"

In the words of the Apostle Paul "When I was a child, I spoke like a child, reasoned like a child..."

It's time to grow up, and grow into your real life!

So here it is: The Law of Displacement: Start by ADDING things to your lifestyle, that are good.

Begin to PRIORITIZE what is necessary and important...and let the other things start to slide.

When you start to prioritize eating vegetables and lean meat, by default, you don't have the calorie-capacity to eat as much junk food.

The crap gets pushed to the sides, and eventually flushed out.

You don't' have to TRY to eat less junk; just eat MORE broccoli, fish, chicken, asparagus, etc - and with the energies of one act of the will, you address two issues.

Even if you still eat some junk food (running with this example), you'll at least have more vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc to give your body the tools to work with...


You'll have begun a good habit.

Once that first habit has been automated - that is - where it's easier to do, than not to do, THEN add a second habit. The amount of progress you make due to momentum, having begun small, will surprise you.

You don't have to force it all at once. Just start, start as small as you need to in order to stay consistent, and start TODAY,

or, at the latest tomorrow ;)  At least get ready today.

Challenge: What is ONE thing, simple and relatively small, that you can start, or reinforce, TODAY, that will build up the habit necessary for the type of future body/career/spiritual life/relationship that you actually want?

Be honest, think it over - but not too hard - and get to it. Even if you are 'wrong', you'll have made progress, and exercised your will.

I could go on - but it's time to enter into the day's responsibilities.

Strength and Honor,


Goals: Believe To Receive

Fellow goal seeker,

There is a phrase spoken by Jesus that says "Whatsoever you ask for in prayer, believe you have received it, and it shall be yours".

A few thoughts:

Belief is requisite to reception. This is how it works. If you pray, work, toil and focus on a goal, but your default internal setting is to 'turn your glass upside down'; it doesn't matter how long you hold it under the faucet - it won't fill up!

Or, if you act in belief and conviction for a while, and your glass fills up -well and good.

But, it's pretty common that after doing well, you waiver in unbelief, and begin to doubt, which is akin to dumping your glass to the side, or even all the way upside-down!

I've done it. I'm sure you have, too.

And, what are the results of unbelief? Wasted effort. Spoiled goods. Frustration. Wondering why you can't get it, or why you can get it, but not keep it.

Belief, or faith, is a faculty that we all have, and we exercise it in different ways all the time. We have a certain level of faith that the chair you are sitting in will hold you - you probably didn't even think about it when you sat down.

So too, faith is a manner of living - an approach to living.

 It is believing in the possibilities, and what has been proven to be true. For those of a theological mindset, it is believing in the person of the God, and trusting in His character, and what has been revealed to you to be true.

Then, basing your decisions upon that truth, the potential of your dreams, and commitment to see them come to pass, become a powerful drive that pushes you to create your life, regardless of circumstances.

Yes, circumstance always matters. You can't control other people. But, you always have an influence, how the trajectory of your life turns out.

Remember - you are the creative one in your life. Everything you think, say and do has power to influence people and things, including yourself.

You get to choose how you'll respond to everything. Therefore, if you choose to respond in reference to what circumstance tells you, you'll just keep reinforcing your circumstances!

Is that what you want?

Or, like every goal-seeker: You want something different.

You are free to choose.

No matter what, you always have direct control over your own thoughts and actions. Emotions may run wild, and you have to manage those - but your thoughts and actions, those you can control.

So start there.

"he who rules over his spirit is greater than he who takes a city".

Choose to receive EVERYTHING good that God, life, and other people are willing to give you. Choose to live by belief in what is true, good and possible.

Accept the good and bad; but base your decisions on determined belief.

Base all of your decisions upon the reality of a certain future. Keep your glass 'up' and the faucet 'on'.

Choose to base all of your responses on the fact that your goals are achievable, worthwhile, and likely (assuming they are in line with your purpose, and you aren't trying to leap to the top of the mountain).

Only then, will your reinforce your own faith, focus and commitment, so as to change your lifestyle, to one of faith, and not sight.

And then, you'll receive what you have believed in, because you will have aligned your entire life, one step, one thought, one action at a time, to be receptive to your goal.

Keep yourself open. Learn and discern, believe and achieve, live and give.



Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Walking By Faith In A Sight-Filled World

Human Being who desires Awesomeness,

Believe in what is actually true, not in what you see.

Remember, WE are the creative beings upon the planet. We can  produce, pro-create, and invent. We can collaborate, communicate and build. We use rely on our own faculties, and be wise with our resources - until the idea has been born.

We don't HAVE to be limited by what everyone else has already done and made available.

We can choose. We can choose to believe in, and live by what is actually true:

Namely, that you are a creative being. Everything you think, say and do can and will have a certain effect upon your life, and the life of others.

With that in mind, consider this: What if you steadily honed all of your abilities, resources and faculties into a place that was FIXED on becoming and doing what you actually wanted to see in the world?

Why, you just might change the world, and inspire others to do likewise!

So then, forget about what you see, except to avoid a traffic accident.

Walk by faith in the best you can imagine - and get going. Believe in God, and what He said - and believe also in your dreams and your own potential.

Get to it, so God can bless your efforts. Nothing changes until you do.

Peace, Strength and Honor,


Planting Seeds, Planning For The Future, Listening To God


Sometimes God wants us to till the ground, plant rows of corn, and plan out a future harvest. This will be a blessing to us, as well as to those whom with we choose to share with, sell to, and give example of.

But, sometimes we insist upon dancing in a field with a bag of seeds, and randomly hacking at the ground.

Lets get real. It takes works, planning, vigilant prayers, team work, and a lot of trust to see a better future.

So, let's not dance with a bag of corn, but rather, use the kernels we've been given to plant a terrific future.



How To Make Changes In Your Life

Greetings fellow human,

The key to making changes in your life is really quite simple:

1) Find good instruction. Make sure your source is not a guy in a suit who just repeats what everyone else says. Consider the best out there, but do your own thinking.

2) Take it to heart. Let it sink in. Wrestle with it until you can embrace that often-bitter pill of change.

3) Make the necessary sacrifices, keeping a healthy-view of reality in mind. Make room for new growth.

4) Start as small as you need to...seems obvious, but consider how many times you've undertaken something that was beyond your scope and ability. Your long-term potential is unlimited; in the short-term, you have to work with what you can actually do, right now.

5) Keep at it, day in, and day out. Remember, change is not just something you 'do', in addition to your already-chaotic lifestyle, but rather, a new way of doing life.

In fact, "the way of discipline is the way of life". I heard that this morning while listening to a scholarly, English rendition of The Book of Proverbs.

6) Be creative! You are trying to make changes, right? That means YOU have to CREATE life DIFFERENTLY!.

Your tools: What you think, how you manage emotions, what you say, how you say it, to whom you say it, and when you say it, as well as your work ethic, focus, initiative, willingness to take responsibility, energy, and raw-belief in the possibilities.

7) Pay attention to what actually works, and not what is 'supposed to work'. How do you know what is supposed to work, anyway? Have you made these changes before, given your current circumstances?

8) At some point, you'll have to pass on what you've learned and achieved. This not only helps you refine and reinforce your experience, but it benefits those who need a role model and voice of hope for their own endeavors.

Here's to calibrating change - before the New Year,


Lessons From The Fuzzy Bunny

I was working on random things the other day, and left the door to Bun Bun's (the fuzzy white rabbit) cage open.

I began to think as to how my relationship with the animal is analogous to my relationship with God.

Here are some random thoughts:

I don't hold it against her when she sizes up 'the project' before leaping out of the cage, when I open the door and beckon her to come.

I want her to feel free, and provided for. I want her to come to me, but because she wants to, not just because I give her food. I gladly give her food, and show her my love - but it's about the relationship between fuzzy bunny and myself :)

When I'm working, she will explore, chew on nice furniture (which requires me to re-direct her, but not hate her), and sometimes come and lay down right behind me. I love it.

It seems a tad like that relationship between a parent and child, a good teacher and student, a mentor and mentee.

I believe we are mad in God's His Image and Likeness, given charge over the animals and the earth. So, In accord with our ability and favor, we bestow that favor and ability to care upon those under our care, in the nature of our Father.

We can't take care of everything, or even most things -even as a unified team; but, we can care for those in our charge, and under the umbrella of what we are obligated and obliged to attend to.

Food for thought,


Eyewitness Fitness Training Principles and Philosophy

Eyewitness Training Principles and Philosophy:

-To do whatever it takes to build your body into a peak-performing, vitality-filled, subjectively awesome structure that it is meant to be...

Which will include various forms of strength, endurance, flexibility, re-structuring, intentionality of engagement, muscle control, and the like...

and remembering that if you chase too many rabbits, you catch none.

-The following come and go in seasons of need, and require a certain focus, mindfulness of attention, and objective (often a skilled third-party) feedback:

One should strive to be leaner, stronger, and more agile, from wherever you happen to be.

You must start from where you are - but the good news is that it can always improve.

Your body will burn fat, build muscle, and heal up until the day you die...albeit at a slower rate at age 90 than at age 9; Thus, why not maximize that capability, and see what you can do, now?

Most people hesitate on change, because they don't realize what 'better' feels like!

Your energy will go up and down day-day; give it your best shot TODAY, and keep your efforts focused in the right direction. The path up a mountain doesn't have to be fixed - as long as you get to the top.

Your lifestyle is key to sustainable wellness. You can't pour water into a glass with holes in it, and expect it to stick around. So too, you cannot pour effort for change into a lifestyle with cracks, or one that is already too full, lest your efforts be in vain.

The only shortcut is to do it right the first time. Pay for expert advice. An expensive program could save you years of trial and error, thereby speeding up your learning curve and sending you to greatness much, much sooner.

The good news is this: Doing it right works every time: Once you figure out how things work, you can rely on that for the rest of your life!

However, what is 'right' in one season for one person, may be different than what is right in another season, for another person.

No one gets it right every time - but keep ALL of your energy focused on getting it right, so that you don't waste time or energy wondering why it went wrong.

Thus, it's not about 'getting it' 100% of the time, but giving it 100%, all the time.

Safety comes first. You wont' get very far with injuries, whether emotional or physical.

Biomechanics are key. Don't shortchange learning or re-learning how to move properly

Scale to proficiency. If something is too difficult to get it right, scale back the weight or the complexity, until you can do it well. Then, work at that load (reps, sets, intensity, weight, etc). Let your body respond, and when your competence increases over time, then increase the load.

Intentionality: Great lives, great bodies, great minds are built upon consistently making great choices. Period.

"Psychology trumps physiology every time" - Alwyn Cosgrove.
---->A lot of social support, morale, energy and focus can and will overcome a night otherwise not well rested, or a less-than-ideal diet plan.

Have Fun, or change it up until you do! There is a time for "sticking to the mundane routine". However, life is also too short to hate what your doing.

Well-begun is half done: A good set-up makes the process much smoother.

Alls well that ends well: It doesn't matter so much where or how you start, but that you start, and even more importantly, how you 'finish'

On this earth, you are never done, so to speak. So then, it's  about 'how far can I go'?, "What can I actually accomplish?", and "what are my gifts, and what is my purpose on this planet?"

You were built for greatness in your field of talent and passion. Step into it...and keep stepping.

"Push to your limits, and your limits expand" - Robin Sharma; but if you push too far at once, you break down.

In a nutshell, we want to thrive and help others thrive in this vein, to literally "be":

 Holistic, integrated, structurally sound, supported, systematic, intentional, thriving, at peace, energetic and healthy from the inside->out, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, relationally, socially, sexually, and every other way.

All the specifics flow from this, and require honesty, humility, and superior guidance than what your own thoughts can offer.

That is all for now. Review these aformentioned thoughts on living well, and see where and how you can come into agreement.

And then: Act on them! It takes channeled efforts and consistency to achieve anything.

Get started, even in a really small manner, today.

Strength and Honor to you this day,


The Morning Ritual

Greetings fellow human,

After much a-do and sporadic bursts of enthusiasm, here is another gem for your consideration:

The morning ritual

Learn the power of this, and you'll soon see where you have been grossly inefficient in your day.

A ritual allows you to 'automate' your energies, so as to 'show up' to perform certain tasks, with minimal mental effort.

If you rely on willpower alone, or get too willy-nilly with your approach, you'll probably go through you day feeling generally overwhelmed, wondering why you can't get the things done you've always wanted.

Or, perhaps you'll sense that life isn't fair, and somehow you have to struggle and work harder than everybody else.

That might be true, but I assure you: There are people way worse-off than you.

In regards to changing things up, I've experimented with folly quite a few times... usually to my own ignorance.

I've also tried to 'change it all' overnight, with heroic bursts of enthusiasm toward a desired change.

These usually end up in entropy - the spiraling out of my efforts, into a desolate wasteland of 'ooohhh, mannn'.

Which leads me to this: If what you've been thinking and doing hasn't actually worked - let's try something different!

Here's what I'm doing right now, written in a 2nd person voice for you to feel like I'm talking to you:

1) Get your sleep schedule established first.This is where most Americans struggle, and it's also one of the most powerful, free ways to reinforce your physical stamina, mental and emotional energies, and establish a rhythm.
--->In fact, if you don't get your sleep established, life will seem much more overwhelming than it really is, and whatever you undertake, will be under-cut by your failure to prioritize what your body actually needs.

2) Work on nutrition next. Just start adding vegetables, and probably drinking more water (unless, you are drinking a lot of water, but are always thirsty and feel lethargic - in which case you probably have cellular dehydration).

3) Get an exercise routine going. Start small, but start now. 10 pushups on the wall and some stretching is better than nothing.

I could write a whole lot more. But, these three are plenty to establish a rhythm, which will in-turn set an accurate and strong framework by which you can build your other hopes and dreams.

One suggestion: Don't try too much at once, ESPECIALLY if your really charged-up to change. You want these changes to last.

Remember: Consistency wins. Being consistent beats being heroic. A dose of humility, and a commitment to focus is usually required.

These humans, I tell ya...

Here's to thriving in this Christmas season,