Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Value of Having a Routine

Quick one today...

What is the value of having a routine?

Being the creative dude that I am, I'm tempted to loathe any such idea with the passion of 1,000 suns - monotony? routine? what?

If you've been in any sort of personal development circles, you've probably heard the concept of disciplined high activity: Taking your strong emotions attached to brilliant ideas, and turning them into a scheduled part of your day through activity.

Your routine: "the things you are so efficient at doing, you can do them on autopilot". So...why not make educational reading, spiritual time, exercise and relaxation a part of your routine?

Its easy to do, it just takes a little discipline. But that also means its easy not to do.

In 365 days, you'll notice the difference, whether you did or you didn't, set up the disciplines.

To do, or not to do...that's the question.

Whats your answer?

Strength and Honor,